CPA Canada preparatory courses: Frequently asked questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions about Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada (CPA Canada)’s preparatory courses on your journey to become a Canadian CPA or Advanced Certificate in Accounting and Finance (ACAF) holder.

Will I have to travel to Canada to complete the program?

You will not be required to travel to complete CPA preparatory courses. CPA preparatory courses are distance-based, with exams offered locally. For the CPA Professional Education Program (CPA PEP), you may need to travel within the Caribbean region to attend the in-person sessions, depending on where they are held.

How do I enroll in CPA preparatory courses?

Once you have submitted the transcript evaluation request form and received the assessment results via email, you are then invited to submit the CPA student registration form and apply as a CPA Canada student.

Where are the CPA preparatory course-end exams held?

Exam accommodations are arranged in the region where you reside.

What is the cost to register for the CPA preparatory courses and to have a transcript evaluation done?

Transcript evaluation requests are free of charge. For more information, view the course schedule or the student and course fees.

Can I pay for the courses in instalments?

Generally, no. You can contact your regional body for guidance. The CPA certification program is eligible for funding through the Barbados Student Revolving Loan Fund and we are currently working to have CPA Canada programs recognized for funding through the Government Assistance for Tuition Expenses (GATE) program in Trinidad and Tobago. We encourage you to contact your local financial institutions, such as Republic Bank (Barbados), who will lend to aspiring Canadian CPAs. Please let us know how we can help in this process.

What happens once I complete the CPA preparatory courses successfully?

The suite of CPA preparatory courses provides the knowledge requirement for admission to the CPA PEP and entry and technical courses for CPA Canada’s Advanced Certificate in Accounting and Finance (CPA ACAF). Once your outstanding courses have been completed, the next step is to register into the CPA PEP or CPA Canada ACAF.

What designation do I obtain once I complete the CPA preparatory courses?

There is no designation given for completion of the CPA preparatory courses.

Can I start CPA preparatory courses before completing my undergraduate degree or college diploma?

Yes, so long as you meet the CPA preparatory courses entrance requirements—30 credit hours (one-year, full-time study) from a recognized post-secondary institution or three years of relevant experience (mature student route).

Can I register for a CPA preparatory course without registering as a student?

No. You are required to register as a student in order to register for a CPA preparatory course. This will ensure you have the required software license(s) and administrative support needed to complete the courses.

When are the CPA preparatory courses offered?

Please review the CPA preparatory course schedule to view a current schedule of courses being offered.

How long does it take to complete a CPA preparatory course? What is the passing grade?

Self-study (non-core) CPA preparatory courses

Self-study courses are six weeks in duration and students must receive a minimum grade of 50 per cent in order to successfully complete each course:

  • Introductory Financial Accounting
  • Introductory Management Accounting
  • Economics
  • Statistics
  • Business Law
  • Information Technology

Instructor-facilitated CPA preparatory courses

Instructor-facilitated CPA preparatory courses are six weeks in duration and students must receive a minimum grade of 60 per cent in order to successfully complete each course:

  • Intermediate Financial Reporting 1
  • Intermediate Financial Reporting 2
  • Advanced Financial Reporting
  • Corporate Finance
  • Audit and Assurance
  • Taxation
  • Intermediate Management Accounting
  • Performance Management

Will there be examinations after every CPA preparatory course?

Yes, there is an examination after every CPA preparatory course. These examinations will be offered locally.

How many times can I attempt a CPA preparatory course?

As a student in a CPA preparatory course, you have a maximum of three attempts to pass each course. If the third attempt is unsuccessful, you must complete that module at an approved post-secondary institution to continue with the Canadian CPA certification program.

How long does it take to complete CPA preparatory courses?

The length of time required to complete CPA preparatory courses will depend on the number of courses you need to complete, and the rate at which you choose to do so.

How often will CPA preparatory courses be offered?

To review the current schedule of modules being offered, please review the CPA preparatory course schedule .