Why get an Advanced Certificate in Accounting and Finance?

The CPA Canada Advanced Certificate in Accounting and Finance (ACAF) will provide you with the job-ready skills employers across the country value within the accounting and finance functions of their businesses.


An article penned by CPA Canada’s Tashia Batstone first appeared in the 2016 mid-May edition of The Bottom Line. Entitled, “Course provides more than basics,” the article notes that the ACAF is an attractive option for those seeking an intermediate level career in accounting or finance, people who want to enhance their skills, employers who need strong intermediate-level technical accountants and internationally trained accountants who want to work in Canada.


The ACAF is the only nationally recognized intermediate accounting and finance certificate in Canada. We ensure certificate holders possess the required level of applied technical and soft skills that employers need and value.

CPA Canada is the country's leading business and accounting educator, and the ACAF is designed to meet the needs of today’s business marketplace. It trains you for success in financial accounting, management control, taxation, accounting information systems, assurance and more.


The ACAF is recognized by Canadian employers. CPA is the pre-eminent name in Canadian accounting and the ACAF can provide you additional skills that will help you take on roles of greater responsibility.

The ACAF qualifies you for junior and intermediate level jobs in business, industry, government and public accounting. Online learning means minimal disruption to existing commitments, while electives allow you to select training in areas that are relevant to you.


If you’re an accounting diploma holder or are soon to earn your diploma, the ACAF provides you with credentials and skills that will give you an advantage when it comes to getting hired. The ACAF bridges the gap between the skills of diploma holders and employer needs.

ACAF is the most accessible and flexible intermediate certificate program in Canada. Accounting diploma holders may be exempted from individual courses by demonstrating equivalency, and the entire ACAF program can be completed online at your own pace, in as little as one year — or less if you qualify for advanced standing.


Internationally trained accountants often find that Canadian employers are unfamiliar with their credentials. The ACAF may be the fastest, easiest way to secure your first Canadian accounting job.

The ACAF helps employers recognize your skills. Internationally trained accountants are eligible for exemptions from technical courses, and you may be able to complete the ACAF in as little as six months. In addition, those who are interested and have the necessary academic qualifications will be able to bridge from the ACAF to the full CPA designation.